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2017-2018 (SENIOR):
Short Dance:  “Mambo Molly” by Mambo Molly & The 5 Alarms, “Everybody’s Got to Learn Sometime” by Zucchero and “Conga Crazed” by Mambo Molly & The 5 Alarms
Free Dance: Ghost Dances: “La Partida” by Victor Jara, “Quiaquenita” and “Sikuriadas” by Inti-illimani, 

2017 Lake Placid International – 2nd

2016-2017 (JUNIOR):
Short Dance: “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody” by Fergie, from the film The Great Gatsby soundtrack; “Born to Die” by Lana del Rey
Free Dance: “Singing in the Rain” by Sophia Sin, edited and arranged by Alexander Goldstein

2017 World Junior Championships, Taipei City, Taiwan – 1st
2017 U.S. National Championships, Kansas City, MO – 1st
2016 Junior Grand Prix Pokal d. Blauen Schwerter, Dresden, Germany – 1st
2106 Junior Grand Prix Yokohama, Japan – 1st
2016 Lake Placid International – 1st

2015-2016 (JUNIOR):
Short Dance: “Cinderella’s Departure for the Ball” by Sergei Prokofiev
Free Dance: “La Malamada” and “Palabras Y Viento” by the Medialuna Tango Project

2016 World Junior Championships, Debrecen, Hungary – 2nd
2016 U.S. National Championships, Saint Paul, MN – 2nd
2015 Junior Grand Prix Final, Barcelona, Spain – 3rd
2015 Junior Grand Prix Zagreb, Croatia – 1st
2015 Junior Grand Prix Bratislava, Slovakia – 1st
2015 Lake Placid Ice Dance International – 1st
2015 Chesapeake Open – 1st SD/2nd FD

2014-2015 (JUNIOR):
Short dance: “Fruta Fresca (Club Mix)” by Carlos Vives
Free Dance: Selections from Notre Dame de Paris by Luc Plamondon

2015 World Junior Championships, Tallinn, Estonia – 4th
2015 U.S. National Championships, Greensboro, NC – 2nd (silver)
2015 Nestle Mentor Cup, Torun, Poland – 2nd (silver)
2015 Eastern Sectional Championships – 2nd (silver)
2014 JGP Croatia Cup, Zagreb, Croatia – 2nd (silver)
2014 JGP Nagoya TV Cup, Aichi, Japan – 3rd (bronze)
2014 Lake Placid Ice Dance Championships – 1st SD / 1st FD

2013-2014 (JUNIOR):
Short Dance: Funny Girl soundtrack by Jule Styne and Bob Merrill
Free Dance: The Twilight Saga soundtrack by various artists

2014 Junior World Championships, Sofia, Bulgaria – 8th
2014 U.S. National Championships, Boston, MA – 3rd
2013 JGP Final, Fukuoka, Japan – 6th
2013 JGP Ostrava, CZE – 2nd (silver)
2013 JGP Kosice, Slovakia – 2nd (silver)
2013 Lake Placid Ice Dance Championship – 2nd SD / 1st FD

2013 Chesapeake Open – 2nd SD / 1st FD

2013 Ed Picken Pro Am – 3rd FD

2012-2013 (JUNIOR):
Short dance: “4 Minutes” by Madonna and Justin Timberlake, “Cyber Shanty Town Blues” by Christian HipHop Factory
Free dance: “Walpurgis Night” by Charles Gounod

2013 U.S. National Championships, Omaha, NE – w/d
2013 Eastern Sectional Championships – 2nd (silver)
2012 JGP Croatia Cup, Zagreb, Croatia – 3rd (bronze)
2012 JGP Linz, Austria – 6th
2012 Lake Placid Ice Dance Championship – 3rd / 2nd FD
2012 Chesapeake Open – 1st SD / 2nd FD
2012 Ed Picken Pro Am – 4th FD

2011-2012 (JUNIOR):
Short dance: “Psychedelic Sally” by Eddie Jefferson
Free dance: “To Glory, Enigmatic Soul” by Thomas J. Bergersen

2012 World Junior Championships – 15th
2012 U.S. National Championships – 4th (pewter)
2012 Youth Olympic Games – 4th
2012 Eastern Sectional Championships – 2nd (silver)
2011 Baltic Cup JGP, Poland – 9th
2011 Skate San Francisco – 5th SD / 4th FD
2011 Lake Placid Ice Dance Championships – 5th SD / 6th FD

2010-2011 (NOVICE):
Free dance: “Firebird” by Stravinsky

2011 U.S. National Championships – 1st (gold)
2011 Eastern Sectional Championships – 1st (gold)
2010 Philadelphia Challenge Cup – 1st PD / 2nd FD
2010 Lake Placid Ice Dance Championships – 1st PD / 1st FD
2010 Chesapeake Open – 1st PD / 1st FD
2010 Ed Picken Pro Am – 1st PD / 1st FD
2010 Cherry Blossom Invitational – 1st PD / 1st FD


* PD = Pattern Dance, or Compulsories. SD = Short Dance. FD = Free Dance.