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Oh my gosh, I’m so excited!!!  We just got back from Nationals, in Greensboro, NC, It was the most exciting week of my life! I drove with my dad and my brother/partner, Michael. It was a five and a half hour drive, which for me is pretty long. When we got to the hotel I was stunned – this hotel was huge! It looked like the inside of a mall! My friends and I tried to play hide-and-seek in the hotel but it took almost an hour to find everyone. We still had fun. The coliseum was really nice, too. There was a competitors’ lounge and everything. When we weren’t competing we could hang out with our fellow competitors. I want to say congratulations to all the extraordinary skaters who competed in novice dance. It was really great to have a group of friends like you to add to the fun of the competitions. Can’t wait to see you at Lake Placid!

I was really nervous before I competed, but as soon as I stepped onto the ice for the competition I couldn’t stop smiling. When we heard our scores for the compulsories I was overwhelmed. And the next day when we skated a clean free-dance I was way overwhelmed. When the announcer said that we’d won I couldn’t believe it. All our hard work had finally paid off.

For a little while after the competition I couldn’t believe that we had gotten first place. Then it started to sink in. Winning Nationals is a huge step for me and my brother, since we’ve only skated together for a year. Hopefully we can start traveling internationally this year. That would be a dream come true. But I guess that the whole week was a dream come true. I can’t help but look forward to the years ahead. Maybe there’s an Olympic Games in our future? Maybe junior Olympics, Grand Prix? Worlds? I’m not sure about any of that, but my brother and I will work as hard as we can to get there. Until then, we’ll just have to take it one step at a time.

~ Rachel