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We had a great time in Greensboro, NC this past week at the US Figure Skating Championships. We, along with the other novice dance competitors were the first to compete on Sunday. Rachel and I skated a solid Blues and Paso Doble. We almost fell during the 2nd pattern of blues when I caught a toe pick during the chock taw. Rachel held me up and we recovered, going on to win the event. Everyone else skated great and the competition was very close going into the free dance on Monday. We skated a clean free dance but were beaten by a great program by Mancini/Brooks. They ended up coming in second place overall. Everyone else did great as well. I’d like to congratulate all the novice teams for doing great and skating their best. I was very impressed.

Rachel and I stayed the rest of the week and attended numerous nutrition seminars which I found super helpful. When we weren’t learning about what and when to eat, we were usually at either the rink, or the lobby of the hotel hanging out with other skaters. Chilling with friends was really fun and I really enjoyed it. It was a good change of pace from the constant stress and practice leading up to the competition.

The Senior events were great to watch and you could really see who were the best in the US when Davis & White and the Shibutanis got on the ice. Ladies and Men’s Championships were also really interesting to watch.

The next Sunday, we skated in the Smuckers Skating Spectacular which was a totally new experience. There were soo many people! But it was really fun. Overall I had a great time at Nationals and I’d like to thank all the people who came out to watch us and again congratulate all the other skaters who participated.

~ Michael